ioTube V6 Cross-Chain Decentralized Bridge for IoTeX and Complete Tutorial of Iotx Erc20 bridge Auditing

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ioTube V6 Testnet Release, Tutorial and Iotx Cross Chain Erc20 bridge Audit
ioTube v6 Testnet Release & Iotx Cross Chain Erc20 bridge Audit by SlowMist
ioTube V6: Iotx Cross Chain Erc20 bridge – An Audit by SlowMist
Fresh from attending ETHAmsterdam, Dan Knobelsdorf, IoTeX’s DAO Sherpa & Community Architect and Simone Romano, Head of Developer Relations, gave us their impressions of this major European blockchain event, the broader blockchain scene, and how IoTeX grabs more mindshare with each event. ETHAmsterdam brings together developers, designers, investors, artists,

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IIP-21: Why CIOTX on Ethereum is Beneficial and how…

As recently announced, the IoTeX blockchain’s governance community has voted to approve the IIP-21 to bridge the native IOTX from the IoTeX network to...
Joey Myers
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Is IoTeX will work with the Eclipse Foundation to…

  IoTeX is thrilled to announce it has become the only Layer 1 blockchain project to join the Eclipse Foundation (EF), one of the...
Joey Myers
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Nearly 400 IoTeX community members voted 99.2% in favor…

Nearly 400 IoTeX community members voted 99.2% in favor of IoTeX’s Improvement Proposal 14 (IIP-14). DAO governance voters staked over 484m IOTX, equivalent to...
Joey Myers
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