Why users are switching to Helium? wireless network for IoT devices activated – Is IOT Now a reality?

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Helium price prediction: Why IoT users are switching to Helium?
Helium price prediction: The Network is evolving as IOT Users switching to Helium
The Helium Network is enjoying a lot of growing attention over the past couple of years. The project isn’t new and it started back in 2013, but now, almost 10 years later, it’s ready for the big leagues. The technology is mature, well developed and proven. It also has plenty of backing from users and companies all over the world.

Helium also has yet another benefit – the HNT cryptocurrency. It’s a way to motivate and reward people for expanding and supporting the Helium Network with adding hotspots and processing the HNT transactions via the Helium Blockchain. As such, the Helium Network has two distinct assets which work together to offer a complete solution, making it very attractive not only for crypto miners, but for investors, too.

Note: This article is not an investment advice. It explores the possibilities of Helium hotspot earnings. Any investments should be made based on your personal decisions.

Big potential ahead

What matters most to investors? The future. In order to make good returns on their investments, investors look for assets in which they can invest early and have big potential for the future. That’s why investing in startups has been so popular – if you help a young company grow and it does make it big, you can reap massive returns on your investments.

That doesn’t mean that investing in any small company will have the same success. Quite the contrary. It’s often very difficult to make the right choice. So, investors are looking for a variety of factors in order to make the best call. Pretty much the same rules apply when you want to invest in an entire ecosystem or a cryptocurrency, not just a single company.

So, when you want to invest in something big, like the Helium Network and its HNT cryptocurrency, you look to the future. And the massive potential it (should) have for its users. And Helium has that in abundance. “Literally the whole world is an addressable market”, says to Fortune the general partner and CIO of the Starkiller Capital hedge fund Leigh Drogen.

This may sound a bit vague, but it’s quite right, too. Helium is a global network. It already has coverage in all big cities and it’s rapidly expanding to smaller cities and even villages. It’s also making its way to industrial zones, agricultural and rural areas in general. And while it does have over 760 000 hotspot miners globally, there are still plenty of big areas that need coverage and hotspots. So, there’s a lot more to go which means more work for equipment manufacturers, more new hotspot and HNT miners and plenty of potential new users globally.

Also, all of this means a vast amount for new business and use cases. So many new possibilities for IoT manufacturers to create new devices and sensors which use the low-powered LoRaWAN-based Helium Network. There are other areas of interest, like using Helium to expand 5G, too. Helium opens so many doors. And all of it will remain decentralized and not owned or ruled by any single corporation.

Of course, there are challenges, too

And while a lot of investors are very high on Helium (the “Facts and Figures” firm projects the global IoT market to be over $1.8 trillion by 2028), there are some challenges, to solve, too. Of course, that’s normal and it is part of the journey for every investment. In fact, challenges are a good thing as it means there’s still room to improve and to grow, which is another factor investors look for.

And Helium also has its challenges. One of them is hotspot location placement. In order to earn the HNT cryptocurrency, you need to have a Helium hotspot in place and provide coverage and capacity for the network. That’s the main way to earn HNT. The thing is, in order to earn a decent amount of HNT, you need to cover a few bases. Like quality of the signal and location. If you place a Helium hotspot in a big city center where there are already plenty of hotspots, then you’d probably won’t earn as much as you’d expect. Unless of course there’s huge demand there and your hotspot quality is impeccable.

That’s why a lot of new Helium hotspot owners find out they aren’t earning as big as they were expecting. And if you just place hotspots in empty areas, well then you won’t earn much, anyway. So, choosing the right location where there’s less saturation, but close enough to be in contact with other miners is ideal. Then there’s the height of the antenna and other factors to take into account.

You can use the official Helium Explorer map where you can see the locations of all hotspots globally. What’s more you can also see how much they earn. This is a great way to choose your locations and see what you can improve to earn better.

“Even in heavily saturated areas, earning potential could be totally different if the location of the hotspot is at the top of a high-rise condo, for example,” Frank Mong, Helium’s chief operating officer, said in an interview with CoinDesk.

Of course, those are some very specific challenges which are mostly individual. They won’t really stop the potential of the Helium Network. It will continue to grow and as such it will keep creating opportunities and be interesting for investors.

Finally, there’s the good old classic cryptotrading. We didn’t mention it, because that’s something that you can do with any other cryptocurrency. HNT differs thanks to the Helium Network and thus it has a great potential, backed by real value. The better the Network – the better the cryptocurrency and the happier the investors.

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