What You Need to Know Before Getting a Helium Miner? How Wireless network is activated for IoT devices?

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The Sun is Setting on 3G; Why IoT Users Should Switch to Helium. | by Jacob  Swinn | The Helium Blog

Helium activates wireless network for IoT devices – The Sun Is Setting On 3G!
Why to switch from 3G to Helium or Why IoT users are switching to Helium? – The Sun Is Setting On 3G! Lets Know More About It:

Tech consumers and businesses in the United States have been stormed with a plethora of headlines lately about the 3G networks being shut down around the country this year. Some of the headlines are quite stressful. Like one claiming that “every device you own is about to be affected”.

The respected newspaper The Hill went even further posting an opinion piece from outside contributors that claim: “The looming 3G shutdown comes with life-threatening risks”. The piece, which is noted as not representing the views of the paper, says that when the 3G networks are shut down, millions of older devices will stop working. This includes not only older mobile phones, but medical equipment, home security systems, fire sensors, air quality sensors, cash registers, etc.

Sadly, this is true. And we can’t really blame the telcos. They have been running information campaigns about this for more than two years. Of course, most businesses and consumers didn’t really do much to prepare for this. And some simply can’t like seniors. While there are calls to postpone this step until the end of 2022, it’s sure that it will eventually happen. And this might be the ideal time to upgrade to something new and better, especially if you own or plan to have Internet of Things (IoT) devices. And why not become independent while you’re at it?

Enter the world of Helium

Helium is a global wireless network which is being continuously developed and expanded. And it’s open to everyone to join both as hotspot owners (thus increasing coverage and capacity) and/or users.

Helium is built on top of the LoRaWAN wireless standard thus making it ideal for low-powered IoT devices. It’s optimized to provide fast, low-latency wireless internet connections to these devices at a lower cost – much lower than going for 4G, 5G or other networks.

Helium is also known as The People’s Network as it’s decentralized and there’s no single owner. It also has an open-source blockchain to ensure the security and transparency of the network. The Helium Blockchain ensures data privacy, too. User data is encrypted and not sold.

And it’s possible to be both a hotspot owner and a client of the network for your IoT devices, thus making tailor-made solutions for your needs. The equipment is cheaper and setting it up is easy. You can be up-and-running within minutes of receiving your devices.

The benefits of Helium

Why opt for Helium instead for 4G or another network? There are several pretty compelling arguments for you to consider:

Lower costs

Helium estimates that on average one sensor will cost you $1 per year. This estimate is if the sensor sends data every 5 minutes. Compare it to GPS for example. Also, you can actually recoup these costs and maybe even be on profit. This is possible is you also add a Helium hotspot and pass the verification process. This process is simple and energy efficient and will net you earnings in the form of the HNT cryptocurrency.

And the hardware also tends to cost less. There’s no need to purchase SIM cards and the devices themselves are on average 50% cheaper then cellular IoT sensors. Also, no complex contracts.

Big coverage and ease of use

The Helium Network already has coverage in over 28 000 cities in 150 countries. It also covers a wide range of rural areas. And it’s constantly growing. There are over 360 000 hotspots working already with projections of them growing beyond a million in the very near future.

Also, it’s very easy to use. LoRa devices use much less energy and can last up to 12 years by using just two AAA batteries. And they are completely wireless. You can mount them everywhere easily, set them up with an app and you’re in business.

Where to buy?

There are already a lot of manufacturers out there producing both Helium hotspots and LoRaWAN IoT devices. They cover a wide range of budget options and use cases. The team of HeliumMart.com will help you find the right devices for you at reasonable price.

Once they arrive at your doorstep, you are ready to join the Helium network and experience all of its benefits. And you get to use the devices for years and years, thus making long-term planning much easier and more predictable.

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