Wilderness P2E Is Now Available in Decentraland & Gets Awarded Decentraland Dao Fund – Virtual World of Wizards, Magic, and Fantasy within Decentraland Gets Awarded Dao Fund: is a role-playing game in which players become wizards and explore a world of fantasy within Decentraland

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Wilderness P2E is one of the Decentraland DAO’s latest grantee projects and a MMORPG. The game was initially launched on December 21, 2021 by engineering grads Neha Singh and Ryan Pal, now CEO and CTO, who share a passion for art, design, and gaming. The play-to-earn game first became a Decentraland DAO grantee in November of last year when its first proposal was accepted by 92% of voters. After rapidly becoming popular in Decentraland, Wilderness P2E applied for another, larger grant and the proposal, meant to account for the team’s expansion and the acceleration of the project’s progress, as well as for procuring gaming sustainability over the long term, was approved with 99% of votes in favor.

In the play-to-earn RPG, set in a universe of fantasy and mystery, players become Wizards and interact with each other through the game’s immersive Magic Combat experience. Users can navigate the game using spells and various magical paraphernalia to combat NPCs and other players in PvP mode while exploring the arcane universe and its mythical creatures.


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Gaming economy


Wilderness P2E launched as an MMORPG that offered an enjoyable gameplay experience, while also allowing and encouraging users to earn rewards within the platform. By being a free-to-play game, Wilderness P2E built a thriving economy for its gamers by returning the value generated by the game to its users: when users win against other gamers or NPCs, they receive crypto tokens (either coins or NFTs), which they can then sell. This key incentive makes users return to Wilderness P2E: playing the game earns them something.

On March 31, Wilderness P2E launched $WLDY, a native token that works as its main in-game currency. Releasing $WLDY on the Polygon Blockchain allowed the purchasing and selling process to be streamlined and made more dynamic and profitable. In-game, there’s an array of possibilities for players to start earning tokens: the most basic is by playing against NPCs, and they can work their way up to completing daily tasks.

Nonetheless, the team behind Wilderness P2E vows that its mission is more extensive than just creating a positive and popular gaming experience. As they describe in the company’s whitepapers, they want to foster digital links between the members of the Wilderness ecosystem by ensuring there are ample opportunities for creating connections and socializing through marketplace trades, team dynamics in games, social events and parties, town hall meetings, and active participation in social media.

Even further, the Wilderness P2E founders claim their paramount motive lies in creating a world of fair compensation in the face of the “era of big corporations extracting gigantic profits” at the cost of “time spent by users in their ecosystem.” They believe that this business model is in crisis and on the verge of crumbling — and they believe Wilderness P2E will “play a key role in creating a new ecosystem where value is fairly distributed among all the participants.”

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