Helium Holiday Gift Guide – Best Gifts of 2023 for Everyone on Your List: We’ve made it easier than ever to get your last-minute shopping done and compiled a list of 10 last-minute gift ideas that is a list of the perfect gifts for your tech-savvy family and friends

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Helium Holiday Gift Guide: We’ve made it easier than ever to get your last-minute shopping done with a list of the perfect gifts for your tech-savvy family and friends

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and all of a sudden, you’re staring down the holidays — now less than two weeks away! But don’t worry. We’ve made it easier than ever to get your last-minute shopping done with a list of the perfect gifts for your tech-savvy family and friends. Check out these sensors, trackers, and cool gadgets connected to the Helium Network.

Procrastinators, this one’s for you.

  1. Trackpac Object Locator

Are you tired of your family member losing their stuff? Do you wish you could stop wasting time helping them look for things? The Trackpac Object Locator is your answer. Its incredibly easy-to-use tracker and app give real-time location updates to see where stuff is at all times. No more wild goose chases for you. It just works—using Helium.

2. MerryIoT smart home sensors — AUS/US, EU/UK

Give your homeowner friends the power of smart leak detection, CO2 sensors, motion detection, and more with MerryIoT’s home sensors. These helpful and cost-effective devices use the Helium Network so your friends can be aware of everything going on in their homes. They’ll be oh so Merry(IoT) about being in such a safe and comfy environment.

3. Mimiq safety and tracking devices

Another great gift for keeping loved ones and their stuff safe, Mimiq’s line of personal safety and tracking devices will make them feel secure anywhere they go — whether in their home, in the office, or out on the town. They’ve got trackers the size of a credit card to throw into a checked bag, attach to bikes and vehicles, or drop into an important mailed legal document to ensure it arrives at its destination.

4. NanoThings NanoTag

This little sticker is the world’s smallest and lowest-cost LoRa tracker for your most forgetful friend. It’s thinner than a credit card, so they can easily stick it on anything they want to keep a close eye on. Not only does it track location, but it also senses temperature, making it a truly versatile gift that runs on the Helium Network.

5. WeatherXM Helium-compatible smart weather station

Know someone who’s always checking the weather? Do they also have a Helium Hotspot? Go ahead and get them on the waitlist for the WeatherXM Smart Weather station. This all-in-one weather station device collects data about the outside world, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more, when it’s set up within range of a Helium Hotspot. As a reward for collecting all that weather data, the device receives WXM tokens.

6. Hivemapper Dashcam

For people who never leave their car, they might as well get something out of it. The Hivemapper Dashcam sits on a car’s dashboard and earns the HONEY token as a reward for building a decentralized map of the world. While your friend or family is driving around as they normally would, the Dashcam automatically collects and transfers high-quality imagery to the Hivemapper network via the app.

7. RAK Wisnode TrackIt

Keep track of important assets like dogs, keys, bags, and other valuables with the Rak Wisnode– with a helpful app, these LoRaWAN trackers even easily communicate with each other!

8. Seeed devices

Seeed is a one-stop shop for smart hardware that won’t break the bank. Choose from its vast inventory of low-cost LoRaWAN gadgets that will give your family and friends total peace of mind: from door and window monitors to leak sensors and asset trackers.

9. Embedded Works

Another all-in-one site for smart devices, introduce Embedded Works to the entrepreneurs in your life who are looking to optimize their businesses.


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