4 Simplest Ways to Address Climate Change with Media Sourcery – As the media Is at the CENTER OF FIGHTING CLIMATE

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Tackling Climate Change with Media Sourcery Inc. Information – 4 Simplest Ways Explained! – 4 Ways to Address Climate Change with Media Sourcery

Regenerative Agriculture

Perhaps National Geographic said it best with The Solution to Climate Change is Just Below our Feet. Not only do plants pull carbon out of the atmosphere, but the way in which the plants are grown can reap dividends when it comes to reducing soil erosion and pesticides use.

“There are many solutions we should be pursuing to reduce and reverse the effect of climate change,” says Indigo CEO David Perry in the aforementioned National Geographic article. “But sequestering atmospheric carbon in agricultural soils represents the only solution I know of that is scalable, affordable, and immediate.”

A quick Wikipedia search further reveals regenerative agriculture as the hero of this story. Characterized by conservation and rehabilitation, regenerative farming has many benefits such as topsoil regeneration, improving the water cycle, and strengthening the sustainability and vitality of the land.

For farmers in Oklahoma and Mexico that Media Sourcery works with, regenerative farming is the difference between success and failure. As over-tilling threatens to leave land infertile, soil moisture and pH, weather, air quality, and air particle sensors on The People’s Network provide the data necessary to leave conventional farming behind for good.

Having teamed up most recently with Regennabis, an advisory, convening, and investment services firm, Media Sourcery is helping the Purephacha Indigenous People combat climate change within the Michoácan National Park using IoT and regenerative farming. This initiative will take the global stage at a UN event in May that seeks to highlight the natural intersection between climate change solutions, economic development, and technology.

In doing so, the project will address more than 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across environmental, social, and economic categories. For example, SDG number 14 looks at protecting oceanic life, which is threatened by traditional farming practices such as the heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers. The overlap between regenerative farming and SDG 11, sustainable cities and communities, is also a perfect match as communities are empowered to protect cultural and natural resources through agricultural practices.

Besides providing data to support regenerative farming practices using sensors on The People’s Network, Media Sourcery and Regennabis are also furthering social and environmental efforts through:

  1. Incentivizing sharing data with farming communities via Hotspot rewards
  2. Authenticating regenerative farming practices and supply chain transparency on the blockchain
  3. Collecting data for proof of carbon credits on the blockchain
  4. Supporting communities through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Vegetation Management

Vegetation management is a service provided to solar array installations to assist in operational efficiency by clearing vegetation, snow, and any dust or other particles obscuring the solar panels. Media Sourcery completes one piece of this equation by providing air quality and Helium-compatible weather sensors to companies like Everpoint Services, a leading energy solutions company that works directly with solar array operators, wind turbine farms, and other energy companies.

When CEO of Everpoint Services, Tyler Goodell, considers the benefits of technology to address challenges in air, return on investment (ROI) is top of mind.


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