Most Insightful stories about HNT: Fortune found that only around 15,000 hotspots have been installed so far in September, down from a peak of over 90,000 in November 2021, Helium adding 80,000 new hotspots monthly, according to Frank Mong, Helium’s chief operating officer

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The Helium Network’s Fall Favorite Use Cases

As the Helium Network continues its rapid growth (currently with over 974,000 Hotspots around the world!), we want to highlight some star users of the network. Keep reading for a roundup of some of the most exciting new network users, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop on the coolest use cases of The People’s Network.

Codepoint’s Asset Tracking Solutions

Helium and Codepoint are a match made in heaven: Codepoint asset trackers use the Helium Network for real-time, low-cost location updates. Watch Codepoint president and co-founder Michael Mathews talk about how Helium fundamentally changes asset tracking on Twitter and watch The Uplink with Codepoint on YouTube.

Senet and Helium Connect NYC

Senet and Helium recently announced a new partnership that allows Senet’s preexisting IoT customers to utilize the reliable and ubiquitous coverage of the Helium Network. To hear about how Senet and Helium cover NYC with food truck tracking, smart building monitoring, and gas leakage safety, watch the panel at Helium House NYC.

Tracking and Monitoring with Embedded Works

Embedded Works thinks of themselves as the “General Contractors of IoT” — they provide a multitude of solutions from asset tracking to monitoring smart buildings with sensor kits. To hear what founder Andy Do has to say about working with Helium, check out this quick video or this use case panel from Helium House NYC. Also, be sure to watch their episode of The Uplink here.

Dronedek’s Mailbox of the Future

The Helium Network may be The People’s Network, but Dronedek’s mailbox delivery drones are putting it to good use! The company is revolutionizing cost-effective package delivery with their secure, smart mailboxes that combat package theft — check out some pictures of these real drone deliveries on Twitter, and watch this interview with the Dronedek team on YouTube!

DIMO Rewards Car Data

DIMO + Helium come together to let car owners take control of their data, building an incentivized developer platform that utilizes data from user’s cars. Both Helium and DIMO value decentralized, data-driven networks that provide incentives for their users. To hear more, watch the interview.

Decentralized Mapping with Hivemapper

Hivemapper works with the Helium Network to validate the locations of their dashcams, which are being used to build a huge, decentralized map of the globe. As mappers capture footage, they also ‘drive’ up network data transfer rewards for local Helium Hotspots — a win-win! Watch this interview with Hivemapper CEO/Co-Founder Ariel Seidman talking about the company’s dashchams and the recent launch of the Hivemapper network.

Hungry for more Helium use cases? Check out the Helium Ecosystem page for companies utilizing the power of The People’s Network, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay updated on new network users, and if you want to show off how you use the Helium Network, tweet a pic of your use case and tag us @Helium!


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