Tips How To Improve Your Helium Hotspot Antenna: Monitor and protect your AirBnB rental property with MerryIoT Smart Home Kit, how to actually improve your antenna performance in 2023?

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As an Airbnb or other platform short-term rental host, it is in your best interest to monitor your property to ensure it is as safe as possible.

But how?

Installing cameras will violate your guest’s privacy, and it is even illegal in most countries worldwide. Installing a smart home kit like Google Home, Alexa, or Apple Home would give the guests another fragile and expensive thing to break and play with and you may end up with an expensive system that does not work because the guests turned off the hub or made some strange setting playing around with it.

We have the answer to that question! The MerryIoT Smart Home sensors can be installed extremely easily, with no cables needed, and can work wirelessly even without a hub. Just scan the QR code with the MerryIoT Sensor app and they are good to go. Maybe you are wondering what they can be used for. Let us explain…

Leak Detection

A really small issue in your piping can lead to really big damage to your property. Installing a simple leak detector in high-risk places like under the washing machine, and dishwasher soft connections will give you a piece of mind at all times and will identify potential issues before they become real problems. It will notify you of leaking water no matter if you currently have guests on the property or if it is empty and you can take the proper actions.

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Window and Door Open / Close detectors

The Open / Close sensor can have multiple functions in a rental property.

  • Put it on your front door and have immediate information when someone enters and leaves your property. And if there are too many openings for a short time – there may be a party happening right now… And if there is no booking at the moment and the cleaning staff is not expected, maybe you should call the police right away!
  • If you have a locked room on your property where guests should not enter, the sensor can act as an alarm if they try to force their way in and you will be notified right away.
  • If you place it on your windows and balcony doors it may help you identify that someone forgot them open after the guests or the cleaning staff left the property and this may save you both trouble and climatization expenses.

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Motion Detection

The Motion detector can help you identify if there are people on the property or not. Unlike cameras, they can be placed in all rooms including bedrooms, bathrooms, etc, because there are non-intrusive and subtle and will not violate the privacy of your guests while giving you enough information about when the property is occupied or not.

Let us give you some example situations where it can be very handy:

  • If you receive a leakage alarm but see that there is motion on the property, you can contact first the guests to help you identify the issue with the leakage and arrange with them when the plumber will arrive and if it is urgent at all. But if there is no motion at all, then you better organize someone to visit the property ASAP before it becomes a flood and you receive a call from the neighbors below.
  • A combination of open windows with no motion for a long time can identify a forgotten open window, which can cost you a huge bill for climatization.
  • If you have a small number of guests registered to stay in the property but a lot of Opens of the front door together with a lot of movement in all rooms. It is 99.9% a party going on the property right now!

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CO2 Monitoring

Fresh air is crucial to how your guests will feel when they arrive at the property. If CO2 levels in the room are high, this means that the air there is not fresh, it will feel bad and maybe smelly when new guests arrive. The CO2 sensors are a very easy way to check if your cleaning staff has opened the windows and ventilated the rooms.

As a bonus, it can act as a smoke detector if you do not have a separate one on the property since every smoke has a high level of CO2 in it.

The device has a handy LED that indicates green when the CO2 levels are low enough, yellow when they are high, but still OK, and red when the CO2 is too high. This will help your staff to check themselves if they have ventilated the rooms enough without needing to go in the app.

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MerryIoT Air Quality CO2 Sensor

Easy to install and easy to use with the MerryIoT Sensor App

MerryIoT Sensor App is available for both Android and iOS users on Apple App Store and Google Play.

You can manage multiple properties with multiple rooms and multiple sensors organized in the properties and the rooms. The sensor onboarding is extremely easy with just a scan of the QR code on the sensor and the device will be up and running immediately.

How do they connect? Do you need a hub?

The Helium Network

The Helium Network is a Decentralised Network for IoT devices that already has coverage almost everywhere in North America and Europe and in some parts of South America, Australia, and Asia. The network is blockchain-based which makes it extremely secure.

The devices that work with the Helium Network can work for years on a battery which makes them easy to be installed everywhere and not think about recharging them all the time.

You can read more about the Helium Network, here in our Blog. or on Helium’s official website -> //

MerryIoT Helium Hotspot / Smart Hub

The main benefit of The Helium Network is that you would not need a Hub or Gateway for your devices if there is already coverage of the Helium Network in your area. But if there is no coverage or you want to secure the coverage in your house to be independent of other Hotspots around you can add a Helium Hotspot to serve as your Hub to connect all your devices to the network, but if for some reason it stops working or your guests decide to turn it off (in order to charge their phone for example) the devices will continue transmitting over the available network coverage. One of those devices can provide coverage of up to 2 km in urban areas and up to 15 km in non-urban areas.

As a bonus, you will also provide coverage for the Helium Network yourself, which can be used by either device around and you will earn some Helium HNT tokens on top.

You can check the current Helium Network coverage here >

The best news of all: For a limited time if you buy a MerryIoT Smart Home Kit for at least 400 EUR you will receive a completely FREE MerryIoT Helium Hotspot, so if you are ready to start monitoring your property there is no need to wonder if you should buy a Hotspot or not!
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(You only need to add enough sensors and the free miner will appear in the kit).

Custom solutions for Property managers and investors with multiple properties.

We can offer various different sensors and controllers connected with the Helium Network or a private LoRaWAN network to provide a complete monitoring and automation solution for your needs.

  • .Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms;
  • Water, Electricity, Gas, and Heat meters
  • Sound detectors
  • Thermostats and climatisation automation
  • Water valves
  • Circuit breakers and etc.

Custom solutions come with customized software, dashboards, and automation according to your business needs. If you need such a solution, please contact us through this form and we will get back to you:


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