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How to increase HNT earnings of your Helium hotspot? Get Training Now
The Helium Network is attracting more and more attention and for a good reason. The project is ramping up and firing on all cylinders. As a result, a lot of people either want to enter the Helium world or to improve their knowledge about it to stay competitive and to increase their earnings.

Good news, as it’s customary to say in these occasions. HeliumMart can offer you specialized Helium trainings to help you get to know all the specifics and to further improve your knowledge and earnings. And the courses are made by the Gristle King himself Nik Hawks. He has a lot of experience with Helium and trainings and has made two special trainings: the Helium Basic Course and HeliumVision Masterclass.

Helium Basic Course

This course is ideal for people who have little or no experience with the Helium network. It will help you understand how Helium works, what you have to do to use and/or grow the network. Naturally, you will also learn about Helium hotspots and how to use them efficiently. This course is a good way to get your bearings in the world of Helium and to know how to setup your hotspot efficiently.

HeliumVision Masterclass

You already have some experience with the Helium Network? Great, now it’s time to go up to the next level. The HeliumVision Masterclass is exactly what it says. It will help you fine tune your hotspot placement and make the most out of your equipment. The Masterclass is the way to become a Helium ace and enjoy the benefits of the technology and your possible earnings.

Who are the courses suitable for?

If you are a beginner, advanced or even an expert – all of you can learn more about Helium and be a part of BUILDING THE PEOPLE’S NETWORK together with HeliumMart and Helium Noble Award holder Nik Hawks!

Nik Hawks has created the courses using his vast experience with Helium and hotspot positioning. He can help you figure out the dynamic and expanding world of Helium which covers so many various topics. So, if you want to learn the ropes or to improve your knowledge on a specific area of Helium, these courses will help you out.

Hawks has spent a few years now with Helium. He started as an enthusiast, but quickly gathered popularity in the Helium community for his helpful articles. Hawks became a major part of the Helium Community and was awarded with a Helium Noble Award as the most valuable community member. Nik is also part of the Helium Foundation’s Manufacturer Oversight Committee and takes part of the audits and approval of new hotspots. So, he knows his stuff quite well.

In 2020 Hawks also became the first official Helium consultant. He now manages the Gristle King Inc. which is a consultancy firm dedicated entirely to Helium and also specializes in troubleshooting solutions. Long story short, Hawks knows all of the benefits and challenges of Helium and is the ideal person to create the training courses.

3 more reasons why you need a Helium training

Still on the fence about getting the course? Consider these reasons:

Increasing number of hotspots

The Helium network grows at a very fast rate. Just during April 2022 there were around 85 000 new hotspots added to the network. There are now more than 780 000 hotspots all over the world. Very soon Helium is going to have more than a million hotspots and it’s already looking forward to a lot more than that. Hotspot positioning will become increasingly important to ensure maximum coverage, good service and as a result – optimal HNT earnings.

Fast development

As an open and decentralized platform, the Helium Network evolves very fast. Just in May 2022 all hotspots will be transformed to Light Hotspots. This is a significant change which prepares the networks for the next phase of its growth. The benefits are very promising, but it also means hotspot positioning and optimal performance will be key.

Sifting through the information

Helium, LoRaWAN, 5G, HNT, Blockchain, spectrums, antennas, etc. These are just a few of the main topics and terms around The People’s Network. And there are a lot more. It’s easy for new users to get confused or overwhelmed by the abundance of information. At its core Helium it’s not overly complicated, but it does require a bit of extra attention or help for initial users or those who want to focus a bit more into a specific area. These trainings are the ideal solution for both, and that’s why there’s also a bundle of both courses which also gives you a nice discount of the total price.

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