A Notoriously Clunky HVAC System is Upgraded with VSN & Helium | What is The Future of Helium Network?

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Notoriously Clunky HVAC Systems Upgraded With VSN & Helium | by McKenna  Boen | The Helium Blog
A Notoriously Clunky HVAC System is Upgraded with VSN & Helium | What is The Future of Helium Network?

Discover how HVAC companies are using Helium LoRaWan (The People’s Network) and the Vibrant Space Network (VSN) to upgrade their clunky technology and processes with connected sensors, devices, and Hotspots…

Today Vibrant Space Network (VSN) adds to the roster of companies in the ecosystem providing smart solutions on The People’s Network!

It’s not difficult for one to imagine why Helium was the obvious choice for VSN solutions: LoRaWAN technology offers many advantages for solving complex monitoring problems and Helium acts as the backbone for it all. In VSN’s case, solutions include advanced alarm and notification systems for heat, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installers, maintenance companies, retail and convenience stores, restaurants, and more. Connected devices are streamlined for these customers and interactions related to the deployed equipment are simplified. Users also benefit from the Network itself through connectivity that is reliable, safe, and affordable.

With 80 years of combined expertise on their team and operations in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, and the UK, VSN plans to scale its solutions and vision to improve people’s lives through smarter infrastructure globally.

VSN’s most prominent use case, HVAC monitoring, allows users to view system pressure data as well as temperature and humidity, optimal air filtration, continuous power consumption, and air quality. These metrics are fulfilled by a variety of sensors — from vibration sensors to accelerometers. Armed with such a diverse offering, VSN serves maintenance companies, global equipment suppliers, and large facilities with their own HVAC maintenance personnel.

Still not convinced? These six value propositions are hard to refute:

  1. No infrastructure is required
  2. Solutions are compatible with virtually all HVAC equipment
  3. Costs are much lower compared to a building management system
  4. Data is stored securely in the cloud for easy access and analyzation
  5. Customer Dashboard Control is web-based and easily customizable
  6. Alerts are highly personalized (phone, email, or SMS)

One example of these selling points in action is VSN’s A(ir)gnostic IoT Console. This 2-in-1 solution comes with an HVAC system as well as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors that provide actionable and prompt data. With people spending more than 90% of their time indoors, VSN is helping to ensure healthy air for all.

Looking forward, VSN hopes to add 60 more Hotspots to a fleet of 40 Hotspots already deployed in Cyprus. The company is also negotiating with three municipalities in Greece with plans to deploy the Network even further. This is a global vision as VSN continues to improve solutions for companies in logistics, agriculture, smart architecture, and beyond.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact VSN or Helium and register for The Uplink episode on January 13th at 12pm PT.

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