New Passive Crypto Mining Opportunity – Helium PLUS WeatherXM Use Blockchain Sensor Technology To Rain Crypto In 2022

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Helium PLUS WeatherXM use blockchain sensor technology to make it rain crypto in 2022.  Learn how to earn passive money in this once in a lifetime mining opportunity.

Weather forecasts are the most important data in the world. Not, really. A little known secret is that for most media, their most watched and/or visited clips and pages on a consistent basis is the weather forecast.

It’s quite normal as this is important information which is relevant to everyone. For most people the weather forecast is mostly important for the choice of outfit, but that information is vital for a lot of industries. Depending on the weather some construction projects might be halted. Transportation, especially aviation, is heavily influenced by the weather, too. Public events can be postponed or changed and so on.

The people to the rescue

So, the weather forecast is very important, but… not all that precise. The classic line: “we expect sporadic rain at some places during the day” is way too common. Technology can help improve weather predictions in a variety of ways. One of them is via The People’s Weather Network – WeatherXM.

Sounds familiar? Well, WeatherXM follows nearly the same idea of Helium, but much more focused. It’s a community powered weather network which allows people to buy small weather stations and share their data with the network.

The data is then used by Web3 enterprises and the station owners can mine a crypto token as a reward. Earnings are calculated via the location of the weather station and the quality of data. Locations from rural areas can earn higher rewards compared to places where there already are multiple devices. All weather data is validated against near stations and 3rd party reanalysis along with satellite data. Machine learning models give the final touch to make sure the overall quality of the data is up to par.

Recently WeatherXM joined the Helium Network ecosystem. WeatherXM is now using Helium to improve the connection speeds and reliability. This is especially important for industries which are heavily dependent on accurate weather information, Helium noted.

WeatherXM started out as a project in Greece. It has shipped the first batch of 1000 WiFi weather stations to users all over the world. The interest is already rising, so the team is manufacturing more weather stations to meet demand. And the new version of these devices will be able to connect directly to the Helium network.

Why Helium?

WeatherXM says it chose to join Helium because of several reasons. Among them is the core principle of decentralization and community-owned infrastructure. This guarantees that the network will continue to function as long as there are people who support and use it. There’s no single corporation which will be able to simply pull the plug because it changed its mind or it got acquired.

But it’s not just core values. Helium attracted WeatherXM because of technical capabilities, too. The People’s Network offers low cost of data transmission and a growing worldwide coverage. The Network also offers low latency and fast data transfers. And thanks to the LoRaWAN  support it creates coverage for bigger areas. Thus people, who want to join the WeatherXM network, can more easily get their weather stations connected with the internet via Helium. The result is now weather stations can be deployed easily in areas where there are hardly other means of internet connectivity.

“The Helium network enables our weather stations to be deployed in areas that were not previously possible, providing substantial support to our project’s vision: covering Earth with weather sensors”, said Manolis Nikiforakis, CEO of WeatherXM. He also adds that both networks share values and have a common view of the world.

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