What Is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust? Grayscale Trust Top 25 Crypto Coins Assets for Investment Products – Everything You Need To Know About It

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What Top 25 Coins Are In Grayscale Trust & How To Invest In It?
Grayscale trust list to include new investments in 2022.  Top 25 cryptocurrencies they’re investing in are in BTC, ETH, Smart Contract Platforms such as ATOM & ALGO, & Metaverse Gaming Coins like AXS and SAND!

The world’s largest digital asset manager has provided a glimpse into which crypto investment products they’re considering offering next.

According to a new announcement, there are 25 crypto assets that Grayscale is considering for new investment products, including altcoins Cosmos (ATOM) and Fantom (FTM).

“‘Assets Under Consideration’ lists some digital assets that are not currently included in a Grayscale investment product, but that have come to our attention as part of our exploration of this sector, and that our team has identified as possible candidates for inclusion in a future investment product.”

Grayscale already has investment products for 24 digital assets, including investment products for top cryptos Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The 25 new cryptos under consideration by Grayscale include a diverse batch of big-name projects.

The biggest crypto assets by market cap on Grayscale’s list are smart contract platforms Cosmos and Fantom. Algorand (ALGO) is also under consideration by the crypto investment giant, alongside enterprise solution blockchain VeChain (VET) and play-to-earn blockchain game Axie Infinity (AXS).

Other notable altcoins newly added to Grayscale’s assets under consideration list include metaverse blockchain gaming token Gala (GALA) and virtual world The Sandbox (SAND). Other large-cap cryptos, such as Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC) and Terra (LUNA), were already under consideration before the most recent update.

The other new assets under Grayscale’s consideration are Arweave (AR), Bancor (BNT), BitTorrent (BTT), Convex (CVX), Decred (DCR), Elrond (EGLD), Enjin (ENJ), Gelato (GEL), Helium (HNT), Holo (HOT), IOTA (IOTA), Oasis Network (ROSE), Secret (SCRT), Spell (SPELL), Stacks (STX), Universal Market Access (UMA), Yield Guild Games (YGG), and BORA (BORA).

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