Block 37: MOBILE Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) Helium, Crowdspot s a novel algorithm incentivizing people to build the Helium 5G network in as useful and efficient a manner, Breakpoint, & more! Possible Game Changer For $HNT & $SOL

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Block 37: MOBILE PoC, Crowdspot, Breakpoint, & more!

This edition of the Block newsletter is full of exciting Helium updates, from the brand new Glad You Asked 5G video to updates on MOBILE Proof-of-Coverage, a Crowdspot upgrade, new IoT users, and community events! Catch up on all these happenings and more ⬇️.

📲 Glad You Asked 5G Video

📍MOBILE Proof-of-Coverage

🪄Crowdspot Upgrade

🎈HIP 70 Transition

🗓 Breakpoint Events

🌐 969K+ IoT Hotspots Deployed

📡 6K+ 5G Radios Activated

🎉 New IoT Users Join Ecosystem

What’s Helium 5G? Glad You Asked.

It’s official: The long-awaited sequel to the iconic “What’s Helium? Glad You Asked” video just dropped. Watch the new video here, and send it to the next person who asks you about Helium 5G.

MOBILE Proof-of-Coverage

MOBILE Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) is a novel algorithm incentivizing people to build the Helium 5G network in as useful and efficient a manner as possible. Over the course of the next 12 months, PoC rewards will evolve from allocating tokens for simply being online to identifying and rewarding useful coverage. Read the full blog here.

As a next step in the journey, speed tests will soon factor into the way MOBILE rewards are calculated for each 5G Hotspot. You can see how your Hotspot is currently performing today by checking out the 5G Hotspot’s Statistics tab on Explorer. For more information, check out Helium Docs and tune into a MOBILE PoC AMA this Wednesday at 12:30pm PT.

Crowdspot Upgrade

Crowdspot, a community tool designed to help keep the Network healthy by blocking gaming Hotspots, got some major updates last week. Crowdspot now features an easy-to-use submission system that enables any community member to directly report atypical Hotspots to the Denylist through an enhanced interface. Learn more here.

HIP 70 Transition

Since the last newsletter, HIP 70 was passed by the Helium community, and exciting development work is already underway to transition to Solana’s L1. Check out some of this progress on network architecture (like this tweet, showing the first Class C packet transfer) and participate in community AMAs.

From NYC to Lisbon ✈️

Helium House NYC was a huge success! If you couldn’t join the party in the Big Apple 🍎 , you can check out the recap to relive the memories.

For the next community event, we’re going to Lisbon for Solana Breakpoint! RSVP here for an invite to our Proof of Physical Work Party with Hivemapper and Multicoin Capital on November 6th.

You can also hop on the Helium Train Hackathon tour on November 8th to learn and develop alongside fellow Helium enthusiasts. Register here to reserve your spot.

Reaching New Heights

The Helium Network continues to grow at a rapid pace, reaching new milestones every week. Thanks to our community, there are now:

⭐️ 969K+ IoT Hotspots in 184 countries around the world

⭐️ 6,500+ 5G Radios activated in 49 states across the U.S.

You can check the growth of the Network on Explorer as we approach the 1 million Hotspot mark…👀.

Network Users

provides IoT solutions ranging from asset tracking to monitoring smart buildings. To hear why they use Helium, check out this video and Helium House NYC panel.

fights package theft using drone deliveries combined with secure, smart mailboxes. Watch this episode of The Uplink to hear how Helium helps keep the mailboxes connected.

joined us to talk about how they are employing GPS trackers to keep tabs on everything from buses to bikes across London. Watch the interview.

,a Helium Foundation grantee, launched an IoT service to keep hikers in New York and New Jersey safe using Helium. Read this interview to learn more.

Content Central

Curious about what it means to be a cryptocarrier after the Helium Mobile announcement? Check out this helpful blog for information on what makes a cryptocarrier different from traditional carriers.

Recently, Hivemapper hosted Fleet Day to celebrate crypto-incentivized infrastructure. Check out a panel featuring Helium and this interview on Hivemapper.

The Helium Foundation traveled to Indonesia to visit grantees developing hydrogen production sites to inspire community energy production. Check out the teaser video from one of the grantees.

Joey Hiller from the Helium Foundation recently joined the Beyond the Blockchain Show to discuss the future of connected devices on Helium. Listen to the show for insights into the Network moving forward.


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